About Us

The Celia Cross Greyhound Trust rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes around 200 abandoned, sick or ill treated Greyhounds and Lurchers each year at our Sun Valley kennels based in Guildford, Surrey. 


A registered charity since 1993, we are small, independent and rely entirely on the fundraising activities of our supporters. We are not affiliated with, nor receive any funding from the racing industry, therefore your support really makes a difference!

Our Story

In 1970, a lady named Celia Cross found her first abandoned greyhound, a small bitch left to die in a disused barn. The dog, who she nursed back to health and named "Lucky", became Celia's devoted companion, serving both to endear her to the breed and also alert her to the vital need for a discerning rehoming centre for the placement of ex-racing and other unfortunate Longtails.


In 1993 the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust became a registered charity, following a move to Sun Valley Farm, which is our home today. Sun Valley is based in outer Guildford on approximately 11 acres of stunning Surrey Hills countryside. Surrounded by woodland and rolling hillsides it really is heaven for our rescued hounds. The kennels boast a fully enclosed 6 acre field where the dogs are exercised daily, as well as luxury kennels with under bed heating, soft fluffy duvets and access to an outside run!


Dogs are assessed on arrival and their lives put back together. Our dedicated staff and volunteers help many a traumatised animal adjust to a new and loving environment. We aim to heal not only the physical wounds - some from the track and others that indicate prolonged abuse - but also those emotional wounds that are not immediately obvious.

Each dog who comes through our gate is allowed to settle in at their own pace and will be kennelled with another dog so they can socialise, snuggle up and play just as dogs should. We work hard to make sure our dogs are spoiled rotten and we strive to create a homely family feel to our kennels. 

Celia Cross with some of the many greyhounds she rescued

A Message from our Manager

Sun Valley Kennels are now in the safe hands of Jane Thompson, who has worked with dogs for over 30 years. Jane is supported by a board of fellow Trustees, kennel staff, and an extensive team of valued volunteers.

 "I feel blessed that I have the chance to spend everyday living and working with these wonderful dogs, carrying on the legacy that meant so much to Celia and touched the hearts of so many others. For me it is a lifestyle that I wouldn't change for the world, seeing these dogs leave with their tails wagging, off to live in their new forever homes, after such an awful start, rehabilitaion at the kennels is only the start for these wonderful dogs.


Many people think that rescue centres are sad and depressing places, but it is always important to remember that these centres play an important part in today's society. It is very sad that there are so many dogs looking for new homes; however people should never lose sight that without rescue centres such as ours these dogs would stand no real chance of a home. Thinking of a rescue centre in this light can transform the experience of visiting, if you think of a rescue centre as a positive thing, you are more likely to visit and hopefully offer your support.


We encourage people to come and visit us here at Sun Valley, meet the staff and interact with our dogs. I hope to see you soon."  - Jane Thompson

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Heaven on earth, the most beautiful spot in the world is our valley