Purchase of Hillside Racing Kennels

Announcement 31st October 2018

Dear Sun Valley Family.

I want to tell you all some important news about the racing kennels next door to our Sun Valley Kennels, Hillside Racing Kennels. Many of you may remember the history we have had with them over the years. In 2011 we rescued 22 dogs from these kennels after their trainer abandoned the derelict premises, leaving the dogs to die. You can still view the London Tonight news report which aired 20 August 2011.


The kennels were then sold in 2012 , refurbished and a new trainer put in charge - up to 80 racing greyhounds were kenneled here.

The fantastic news is that Hillside Racing Kennels is now under ownership of the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust! Following many months of negotiations with the land owner we finally completed the purchase, appropriately on Halloween, given the horrific conditions. 

Greyhounds were housed in these horrific conditions right up to this past weekend. These kennels were not abandoned or left to rot for months, the trainer simply moved premises.

Tony Taylor is the trainer responsible for keeping dogs in these conditions. How the hell can anyone think this is acceptable in any way? The smell of ammonia is unbearable even with all doors open. It is not fit for the rats let alone dogs accommodation.

Despite letting these and his previous kennels fall into near dereliction, the GBGB have rewarded this neglect with a grant for him to renovate his new kennels, whilst dogs languished in squalor at Hillside.  

I want answers, and will be contacting the GBGB to ask when Hillside Racing kennels had their last inspection and how did it pass? They claim that greyhound welfare is at the heart of everything they do, so we will investigate and publish our questions and their responses for all to see. 

The only consolation I have is that no trainer will ever exploit another racing greyhound on this site ever again. In time, when we clean up the mess left behind, and come up with a suitable plan, we will redevelop this land. I hope that we can count on all your support when we figure out our next move, it is an enormous task and we will need as much help as possible!

Please do share this story with friends and family, this can not go unnoticed.

I will keep you all updated as things develop. - Jane Thompson (kennel manager) 

Photos showing the state we found the kennels in

Please click on each image to enlarge

Kennels filthy and dark
Deep scratches left in the kennels
Dogs racing names on kennel doors
Dangerous screws exposed
A kennel after a 'deep clean'
Door frames chewed away by dogs
Kennel walls scratched away by dogs
The inside of a kennel
Bug traps covered in flies
Dilapidated storage and kennel area
The inside of a kennel
Each kennel is coated in filth
Corridors littered with rubbish
Staff living accommodation
Staff accommodation
Staff living accommodation
Yet more scratches showing neglect
Wooden frames completely chewed

Help us out!

Help us turn this hound hellhole into a hound haven! We can't do it without your help, if you have a fundraising idea or would like to lend your support then please get in touch.