Investigation into how Hillside conditions were allowed to happen

We have committed to publishing our complaint to the GBGB and any reply we may receive.  We know some of you have already emailed the GBGB but realise that the rules of this self-regulated industry are complex. So we have prepared this step by step guide about how to raise concerns about the conditions at Hillside with the right organisations.

Please note there is no point contacting local councils or the RSPCA as racing kennels do not fall within their scope. The GBGB inspect & licence racing kennels - although why the Animal Welfare Act appears not to apply is a source of great disappointment.

1. Complain to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB)

All this contact information is available on the internet in the public domain or can be inferred from email address formats.

Key Issues to raise
  • First request a complaint reference number and request a copy of the GBGB complaints process.

  • If they do not follow their own complaints process it will make it easier to escalate to UKAS later.

  • Open this help document to see how we have compared our observations and experiences with the relevant GBGB welfare statement, Rules of Racing and other regulations. Within each of the following sections, the questions are uniquely numbered to make the complaint clear and easy to respond. 

  1. Kennel Inspections

  2. Statements made by Mark Bird 

  3. DEFRA Post Implementation Review

  4. Rule of Racing 61 - Report of sickness, injury, etc.

  5. Rule of Racing 62 Death of a Greyhound

  6. Rule of Racing 212: Minimum Requirements for all residential Licensed Kennels and Transportation of Greyhounds

  7. Rule of 216 - Greyhound Treatment Books and Kennel Books

  8. Timing, size and justification for the “£30-40K” grant awarded to Tony Taylor


Feel free to use this help document as your starting point and of course add any other issues or concerns you have to your complaint.

2. Send a copy of your complaint to the chair of Greyhound Forum

The greyhound forum comprises animal welfare charities and organisations in conjunction with greyhound industry officials coming together to improve the lives of greyhounds - allegedly.

  • Why not send a copy of your GBGB complaint to their chair Clarissa Baldwin citing the whole situation at Hillside as an example of the GBGB’s inability to regulate the industry?

  • Ask her to get answers for you from the GBGB.

3. Escalate to UKAS if dissatisfied with the response you receive from the GBGB

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has accredited the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB), ensuring the welfare of British racing dogs. So as your complaint relates to the activities of a UKAS accredited body (the GBGB) then you must first address your complaint to the GBGB and afford them the opportunity to investigate and respond in accordance with their respective complaint processes. UKAS would not normally log and investigate a complaint if the complaint has not in the first instance been raised with the accredited body and/or certificated company.

If you feel your response from the GBGB is unsatisfactory - then you can escalate to UKAS. Complaints to UKAS should be submitted in writing and include as a minimum the following:

  • Summary of the complaint, specifically who and what it is about

  • Timeline of events

  • Copy of supporting correspondence

Full details of complaint process can be found here

4. Complain to DEFRA

DEFRA was responsible for reviewing the 2010 greyhound welfare legislation in 2015 and sadly agreed to do very little in their post implementation review.

Until we have any more specific details – you can contact


  1. Send them a copy of your GBGB complaint and ask them why they continue to allow the racing industry to be self-regulated by the GBGB? 

  2. The GBGB have failed to honour an agreement with the Government and obtain UKAS accreditation for trainer's kennels by December 2017 and are trying to achieve this by 2020.  Why do DEFRA continue to extend deadlines for this organisation?

  3. Stress the GBGB’s non- compliance with agreed standards and demand to know why DEFRA still thinks this industry can be effectively self-regulated?

5. Contact your MP

Find out who they are at

  • Write or email or visit your MP expressing your concerns.

  • You can ask them to forward your concerns to the minister at DEFRA 

  • You could ask your MP to table a 3 day question to DEFRA which means that they have to answer the question with 3 days. 

  • For example

Why does DEFRA continue to allow the GBGB to self –regulate the greyhound racing industry when as Hillside demonstrates (you’ll need to explain about Hillside) they reward an incompetent trainer whose licence should have been revoked with a significant grant to enable him to continue to supply dogs for BAGS races at Brighton & Hove?

6. Sign the official petition to get greyhound racing debated in Parliament

There is a petition on the government website calling for a ban on greyhound racing

Now whilst the timescale for a ban is probably too short to be practicable – if the petition reaches 100K signatures it had a good chance of being debated in parliament.