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Open for rehoming.

June 07, 2020


Covid 19 & Social distancing for rehoming at Sun Valley Kennels.

The world today is quite a different place than it was just a mere 3 months ago. Covid 19 has affected every aspect of life and now it is time to move with the changes and adapt our working ways.

Sadly the Lockdown has meant that all our fundraising activity bar those online came to a sharp halt, all our future events are on hold or cancelled. We also had to cease rehoming and close Sun Valley to all visitors except those who were on a strict rota to help look after the dogs. Life at Sun Valley had to carry on, but without the outside world allowed in.

Complying with the various phases of the governments recovery plan we are now allowing some rehoming to take place although under strict guidelines.

Please note that Sun Valley Kennels is still CLOSED to visitors. Please do not turn up at the kennels unless you have been specifically invited down, unfortunately if you arrive at our gates without prior invitation, you will be refused entry and turned away. This will also include if you are just wanting to drop any donation items off. Currently we are not taking in any donations other than what is officially delivered from Amazon or supermarkets.

• If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, please make sure you have researched that the breed is the right one for you, and that it is the right time for you to adopt.

• Please fill in the pre adoption questionnaire which you can find on our website and send it in either via email or post.

• Once your form has been received, someone will call you to discuss your form, and go through any further details we may need. We will discuss your requirements and lifestyle further as to gain as much information on the type of dog we think will suit.

• If we feel we have a potential suitable dog(s) we will invite you down for an appointment – This will be done in the paddock or the outside yard where social distancing is easy in our spacious farm grounds.

• You will be asked to use the hand sanitiser when you arrive and may even be asked to wear a mask. (we can provide a surgical disposable one of you have not got one of your own) Please do not be offended if we also ask to take your temperature using our long range non-contact thermometer or ask if you have had any symptoms of illness in the past few week. We are only trying to keep everyone safe.

• Once you are onsite at Sun Valley the social distance rule of 2m will always be adhered to.

• You will have plenty of space to spend time in our paddock with any potential dog that you may be meeting, and as always there is no pressure to adopt a dog if it does not feel right in your heart. You may be asked to return when we feel we have more dogs that may suit your lifestyle or your personality or invited back for another visit with the same dog.

• Home checks are still being carried out, but again with social distancing in mind. We do not believe in virtual visits nor will be accepting any references from rescues that have carried out virtual home visits. We believe we must still maintain the high standards or checks even through a pandemic, albeit safely within government guidelines. If you do not feel comfortable having a visit to inspect your property’s garden during these times, then please do not apply for adoption as this is one rule that I will not wave.

These times are extremely testing for everyone, and I have tried to come up with a solution that keeps everyone safe, as well as getting back to some sort of normality for rehoming.

Please remember that a dog is a lifetime commitment, and hopefully you will have many years of happiness with your forever hound. We have seen an increase of people feeling that the Lockdown has been a perfect time to adopt a dog, fabulous if your lifestyle is changing forever, but what happens when you are not furloughed any longer? Or when your company want you back in your office away from home 9 hours a day, or when foreign travel is resumed, and you fancy a holiday? All these things must be thought through BEFORE you consider taking a dog into your home not after.

Thank you for your patience, The Facebook page has been relatively quiet these past few weeks and taken a back seat to other important goings, but I have so much to update you on, who has arrived, who has left, who is going home soon, Hillside, etc……..

Kennels Closed To Visitors

March 25, 2020


The world is going through a tough time at the moment and we all have to do our bit to stay safe and keep others safe by our own actions.
The recent Lockdown by the Government has restricted movement to a minimum for only essential business or work travel. This means that until further notice Sun Valley will be closed to all visitors bar those already in place for helping care for the hounds.
Sadly, no further adoptions will be taking place, No home checks will be able to be carried out until further notice.
The dogs are, as always my main concern. We are incredibly lucky that we have so much land for the dogs to get out and about and enjoy throughout the day.
I am also closing the doors to any new applications for volunteers as I have to seriously take the wellbeing of the people that help take care for the dogs we have onsite.
I am currently making changes to the rota and spreading out the times that people are in attendance here to avoid too many people in one area at any one time. -Social distancing.
This is a very serious situation that we are all in.

I ask you PLEASE, PLEASE, do not just pop by as you will not be allowed in, and I really do not want to offend anyone by turning you away.

If you do have an enquiry or concern about your dog or an issue you would like to discuss then I am always happy to help you out over the phone. It goes without saying that any of the dogs that have been rehomed still have the 100% rescue back up as always that has not and will never change.

Everyone has been amazing and we have had so much extra support in the past few days.
Lots of people are asking me how they can help from home, and this is where social media is a god send. Times are going to incredibly tough for us over the next few months/years. Fundraising has come to a complete halt due to the cancellation of ALL our events and Street collections.
Donations from dog adoptions are now no existent due to no further dogs leaving the site, yet our coats still remain in place despite cut backs are already in place. The Veterinary costs, Food bills, utility bills, insurances etc.. are all what we can't avoid.

When you run a rescue you can not simply shutdown, lives depend on us.

Lots of ideas are coming through for helping to raise funds, and if you can think of any, or better still create an event to help generate money it will help us massively.

I really hope that you all stay safe out there, look after yourself, if we all pull together and look out for each other we will hopefully all come out the other side wiser and bit more aware of the amount of fabulous people around us.... I know I certainly will.

Much love

Spring Kennel Open Day Cancelled

March 08, 2020

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel our Spring Kennel Open Day for two main reasons.
Our paddock is totally waterlogged and would not be firm enough to safely park cars at the event
In light of the current Corona Virus situation, we feel that it would be irresponsible to host 200-300 people in our yard in close proximity
Although this is a bitter blow to our fundraising efforts, the welfare of our visitors and team members is paramount.

If you would like to bid on a beautiful hamper we had for the open day head over to our Facebook page to take part in the fantastic raffle!


January 20, 2020

One of our previous residents is lost! Skye went missing after running after a deer at approximately 2pm on Winterfold Common, Monday 20th January. She has a collar with tag, is microchipped and is social with people and dogs. PLEASE SHARE her dog lost page and help with the search if possible! We desperately want to get Skye back home where she belongs. 

For the most recent updates please follow our Facebook and Twitter page.

There have not been any confirmed sightings of Skye since she ran off.


Dog Lost poster -

Join the search -

Help Us Help Comet

December 23, 2019

Our gorgeous Comet who joined us a few weeks back has been reserved and his lovely family are desperately waiting to take him home.
Sadly, Comet developed a facial lump that we were treating as an abscess or a reaction. Comet had no temperature, no pain, and no issue with the lump that suddenly came up. After a week of antibiotics, I asked the vets to investigate further by taking a quick x-ray to see if there was possibly a foreign body. I was thinking a potential grass seed or splinter, something minor as he seems so happy and well.
Sadly we were all in for a huge shock. Comet has approximately 40 shotgun pellets in his face and neck. We never even considered this could be the case. This little lad at some point in his young life has had a shotgun pointed at his face and blasted.
One of the pellets seems to have moved and has caused an obstruction or rupture of his saliva gland (hence the lump). We are waiting to take him for a CT scan and see what surgery options are right for Comet. We are unsure of the path that is next. He is a happy little lad, he isn’t in any discomfort, he just has a funny squishy lump on the side of his face.

I have posted this as a fundraiser for our boy even though I’m not exactly sure what we are looking at yet. He has had medication, bloods, x-rays and lab tests so far. The CT scan he needs is around £2,000. We are not sure if surgery will be needed by a soft tissue specialist to remove the ruptured gland or if the pellet is just to be removed. His treatment then could cost upwards of £6,000.
I will let you all know what we will be doing with him as soon as I now more. I am kindly asking if you could help fund his treatment, even only if you can spare even a £1.

** BUT, I will say this. There will be NO BLACKMAIL PLEA from me “If we can’t raise the money, he won’t get treated etc....
Comet WILL BE sorted and WILL get his treatment regardless of what is kindly raised. You are all so generous throughout the year and this time of year is always hard financially for everyone. If anyone is willing to help, then it’s a bonus for the vet fund. I will keep you all updated on this gorgeous little lads progress. - Jane Thompson (Kennel Manager)

Team Hampshire Collection Update

December 21, 2019

The final street collection in 2019 by the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust Team Hampshire volunteers took place back at the Sainsbury's Badger Farm store in Winchester today. Festively dressed hounds Spookie, Bella, Hamish, Nero and Huey impressed the passing shoppers with their laid back attitude and drew donations totaling £372.82.
This brings the total collected in 2019 by Team Hampshire to an impressive £6061.54. A superb effort by all involved!
Merry Christmas to all Celia Cross volunteers and we look forward to seeing you in 2020.

Uncle Albert

December 10, 2019

Our darling Uncle Albert sadly crossed the bridge tonight. To say it was a heartbreaking decision is an understatement, but it was clear he had no more fight left in his little body.
I knew a couple of weeks ago that he sadly might not be around for too long as his little body had been through so much.
Lovely Clair offered to foster him for me as long as needed and even though we expected he would be with us a little bit longer than he was, he had the most amazing last few weeks.
Tonight he was ready to go and his little body was exhausted and in pain. He passed away peacefully knowing that the people who loved him were with him.
He didn’t die alone in a pound, scared as an unwanted stray as his fate so nearly was. He passed over as proud Uncle Albert loved by many. He will be remembered, talked about and loved always.
Goodnight Albert, run free no more pain. 🌈

I will be eternally grateful to Clair & Mick for taking Albert home and showing him the most amazing 16 days of being loved and cherished. He was very lucky to have them as his mum and dad even for a short while

Soggy but Successful Xmas Open Day

November 25, 2019

It may have been wet, damp and cold on Saturday for our annual Open Day, but the atmosphere certainly wasn’t miserable.
We know a few people stayed away due to the weather and sadly we had a total nightmare with parking as we couldn’t use the field at all as it was too slushy and dangerous to park on..... But as usual you still came, you gave and as usual you were all so generous. It was so lovely see so many familiar faces along with lots of new friends. As always the dogs all behaved brilliantly from the biggest of hounds to the dinkiest of dogs. There was not one single dog disagreement.

A whooping £6159.71 was made in the 3 hours. Sun Valley family really does rock, thank you all so much for all your support and generosity.

Thank you to EVERYONE who worked so hard to make the day fabulous as always. ❤️

Lily & Mallys Happy Ending!

October 19, 2019

Finally I am sharing with you some very special news I have been waiting to tell you!

Many of you will know or seen posts about Mally and his room mate Lily who are both long term residents here at Sun Valley. Lily has been with us for 6 years this month and Mally has been here nearly 5 years.
The thought of losing Mally a few weeks back (info about that here) was too much to bare and it brought home how much I, and the extended team all love him and Lily so much, they are such a big part of Sun Valley life.

I therefore have made the decision that Sun Valley will be their forever home from now on! They have been moved out of the kennel block into their very own home onsite. My long suffering husband Andrew saw how desperately sad I was over Mally and gave me the keys to his caravan for Lily and Mally to call their own. They have been in there since Mally returned home from his surgery and WOW have they settled in. It is heartwarming to see them snuggling up in front of their TV on their sofas. They have had lots of visitors everyday and have such a wonderful home life of their own. They even have a guest list of people waiting to sleep over.
This is the most wonderful GOTCHA post that I can share. Proudly posing today in their own home with Amanda, Lisa, Lexy and Maggie.

Lily and Mally, we have loved you for the past 6 years and now my promise to you is that we love and cherish you forever. Thank you for allowing us to carrying on loving you and share our lives with you. ❤️
I look forward to sharing their adventures with you. - Jane Thompson (kennel manager)

Our final Macau Hound has left the building!

September 26, 2019

Gorgeous Thor left us today to join his fabulous new family. The Macau journey has certainly been an emotional one. All 17 hounds that we were privileged to live with and love will be with us forever.

"You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust the sails to reach a new destination"

Cranleigh Sale 2019

September 22, 2019

Yet another fabulous day we had down at Cranleigh show-ground. Everyone came out to support as usual and the atmosphere was on fire! The weather was very kind and the dogs were all so well behaved.
12 of our kennel hounds took part in the Greyhound Parade, they had plenty of interest and loved saying hello to all the new people. Even our gorgeous boy Mally made an appearance too and was very popular with the crowd! 

We have raised a fantastic £15,888.27!!

HUGE thanks must go to the vast army of supporters that help put on this mammoth show. It takes weeks of hard graft and labour to get everything set up (and dismantled), everyone worked so hard to make sure the day was a success. Without you, the show would not go on!

Party in the Paddock 2019

August 04, 2019

☀️What a fabulous day yesterday was. ☀️

Our first ever Party in the Paddock. The Hillside Heroes put so much effort in to making the day such a success. I’m so proud of everyone who pulled together to make sure it was a lovely day for all. I think a few tweaks here and there are needed, but certainly the Party in the paddock looks like it will be an annual event!

The most amazing part is the the fabulous £3420.75 we raised for Hillside Renovation pot. 👍

Well done everyone who gave up their time to work so hard; and thank you to all those who came, lovely to see many familiar faces and meet lots of new people for their first time at Sun Valley. Xx

Fabulous news!

June 14, 2019

Thankyou so much to everyone who has helped raise funds for our Hillside Mortgage project. We had hoped to raise enough that we could clear £10k off the mortgage total (excluding repayments) within the first year. Well, we have just transferred a whopping £15k off the total in just 7 months!

Not a single penny raised for the dogs in our care was touched. Every penny used was raised for Hillside specifically.

The total outstanding on the mortgage is now £179k out of the original £200k borrowed. 

Hillside kennels was a horror story right on our doorstep for so many years. The GBGB refused to believe us that this could be true, then giving the trainer funds to move on to somewhere else. We had to act, and so began the long task of secret talks with the bank to take on the mortgage so we could secure the sight. 
We finally did it and got the premises on Halloween 2018. Just ONE day after the trainer left with his dogs, NOT years after as some tried to claim. Now no hound will ever suffer in the cells of Hillside kennels ever again.

Thankyou all for your amazing support to this project!!

For more information about Hillside click here, or to help us turn this hound hellhole into a hound haven please donate here

Great Global Greyhound Walk - Third Largest Walk!

June 09, 2019

Well what can I say apart from WOW!!!
What a fabulous day we had down at the Valley for our Great Global Greyhound Walk. We had a wonderful time with 224 beautiful hounds and their humans joining us today, plus 15 other breeds.

Everyone worked so hard to make sure the day ran smoothly, was safe and a success. The SunValley team as usual were on form today and I’m very proud of them all for their dedication and their passion. 
Thank you to everyone who attended the day making such a special event, lots of you travelled many miles to join us.
Everyone donated so generously to our cause and we managed to raise a whopping £1478.56. 

Roll on Guildford GGGW 2020. 👍

Guildford Street Collection

April 16, 2019

Guildford street collection meet n greet on Saturday was a fabulous success despite the high street being very quiet for the holidays. Thank you to Lesley for yet again organising the day and to Tara for staying all day and being there for extra support. 
All the dogs that attended behaved fabulously, many taking it literally laying down. Kennel residents Duke and Penny made their debuts and as expected loved every second of the fuss made of them by the Guildford shoppers who flocked to say hello to all the dogs. 
Thank you to everyone who came out and joined the collection giving their time to help, thanks also go to everyone who put their money in our tins. It is very much appreciated. 
The day managed to raise a wonderful total of £725.29. 👍👍👍

Our Most Succussful Open Day Yet!

March 31, 2019

Wow what can I say? The Spring Open Day was perfect. We had an amazing turnout and how wonderful was the weather. 
Everyone was in good spirit, it was so lovely to see so many familiar faces and equally as lovely to meet new friends too. Many had travelled from far away just to come to visit Sun Valley. 
The residents dogs are absolutely shattered from all their attention and as always everyone was so generous with their gifts for the dogs our stock cupboard is jam packed full of goodies.

I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard making sure the day was a success. Thank you to everyone who came and gave your well earned money so generously.  
I am absolutely gob smacked to say that an incredible £5,938.10 was raised!! That is a record amount for an open day. Thank you all so much.

Hopefully see lots of you back on the 9th June for the Great Global Greyhound Walk! 

Konrad - Genius Fighter

March 18, 2019

Our hearts have been torn apart yet again. Gorgeous Konrad who came to us from the Canidrome in Macau nine weeks ago, who was so gentle, kind and trusting has crossed the bridge and gained his wings. 
I have no explanation to give, apart from he has gone. He passed away very early this morning his heart gave up and he fell asleep. I have no words to describe the feeling of pain it has left in our hearts.
I don’t need to bring Konrad back home as he never left here. I have buried him under the Rainbow memorial tree. He has his new dinosaur PJs on, gazzilions of blankets to snuggle into, his toys, some yummy snacks and a love letter from mummy Jane. He will be with us forever, we can sit and chat with him whenever we want to. 
Konrad, you were the most incredible little man. You had the kindest, squishiest face, longest sloppy tongue and the biggest heart. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you, but I can promise you this, I and many will love you forever. 
Sleep tight my angel, I know you and Rosa will be prancing around reunited forever. Remember to share your snacks with her, there is plenty enough for the both of you.

Rosa - Goodyear

February 28, 2019

This is one of the hardest posts I have had to write in a long time, countless times today I have started to write it and then broken down not knowing the words to say.


Yesterday my darling, cheeky, funny little Rosa crossed over rainbow bridge. It was totally unexpected and has been a huge blow and left me absolutely heartbroken. I dropped Rosa off for her routine Spey & Dental. She had already had bloods that were all fine, she had gained weight and was in good health for her routine op. During her anaesthetic she was a model patient showing no sign of distress. On bringing her round from her anaesthetic she went into cardiac arrest; My vet worked very hard to revive her, but sadly was unable to get her back. Our darling girl has left us, I and all those that knew and loved her are absolutely devastated. I feel like I have had my heart ripped out and trampled on. 

Rosa was a beautiful little girl, so full of life, her nose was into everything. She really started to let her lovely little personality come alive. She loved bedtime, heating on and oodles of biscuits. It was her 7th birthday on Saturday and we threw her a party in which she loved every minute of it, she made us laugh so much with her excitement at her cake, beer and her presents. I love you Rosa, I wish it was for longer that we had you, I wish you could have had the chance of your own sofa to kick your human off. I know you knew you were loved, and you were certainly very much loved and adored by many. 

I will always hold you close in my heart. You will be loved forever Rosa and never forgotten. ❤️
Night night love Mummy xxxx🌈  - Jane Thompson

Celia Cross in Get Surrey!

February 14, 2019

Get Surrey have covered our recent intake of dogs from the Canidrome in Macau, China. Check out the article here or pick up a paper copy of the Guildford Surrey Ad in your local shop. 

Beautiful Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits

January 17, 2019

Throughout 2019 Glen Carlos, owner of Ladies and Gentlemen Tattoo Studio, will be taking commissions for colour pencil portraits with ALL proceeds coming to Celia Cross Greyhound Trust! Glen adopted one of our lovely greyhound girls Kelly, who has joined Monkey the lurcher to complete Glen and Jules family. 

Ladies and Gentlemen Tattoo Studio opened in March 2016 and quickly became known as one of the top studios in Surrey. To check out some of Glens work click here, and to commission your very own pet portrait please get in contact through the studios website or facebook page.

First 5 Macau Greyhounds Arrive!

January 29, 2019

We are all completely over the moon to announce that 5 beautiful greyhounds from the infamous Canidrome in Macau touched down at London Heathrow thismorning, and are now settling into life at Sun Valley Kennels. It was a very emotional day as we welcomed newly named Arturo, Amelia, Miep, Cornelius and Konrad into the Sun Valley family. They will all be given time to settle in and be assessed before looking for their forever families very soon. 

A massive thankyou goes to all the Macau team who have worked so hard to rescue these dogs. The whole United Macau team have really worked miracles the past few years and we're just so honoured that CCGT are a small part of history in the making. More Macau dogs will join us in the coming months and we cannot wait to give them the lives they deserve.

The Macau Greyhounds are Coming Home!

December 30, 2018

We are so proud to announce that a group of Greyhounds from the infamous Canidrome in Macau, China will be coming to us at Sun Valley in 2019.
This has been such an emotional journey, and we have not been on the front line, I can't imagine how those who have been battling daily for so many years to get these dogs out feel. 
We have been quietly sitting on the side-lines waiting for the time to come...

We are just so thrilled and honoured to be a tiny part of this massive journey that has been going on for so long. This has been such an epic marathon that the Save the Macau team have been on. So many wonderful people working tirelessly for these hounds, they never gave up, they battled every day so these hounds could have a chance of a life.
We are so excited that soon we will finally be able to meet our hounds we have been asked to help and offer sanctuary and love to at Sun Valley. We look forward to following the progress of the other hounds going to rescues over the UK and the rest of the world and seeing all their happy endings. 
It certainly has been an emotional rollercoaster, one that all of us at CCGT are proud and privileged to be part of. 
Hang in there gang we are coming to bring you home real soon.

To learn about and follow the story of the Macau Greyhounds click here.

League Against Cruel Sports visit Hillside Kennels

November 27, 2018

We invited the League Against Cruel Sports to see the harsh reality of conditions in which racing greyhounds are kept just 2 days after we completed the purchase of Hillside Racing Kennels .

They were shocked...

Click below to see the must watch video, and feel free to share.

Remember we need your help to turn this hound hellhole into a hound haven - so if you can make a donation - however small to the we'd be most grateful. Thankyou

A fantastic Christmas Open Day

November 25, 2018

What a wonderful day our annual Christmas Open Day was yesterday. Lovely to see so many familiar faces as well as many new friends joining us. Thank you all for taking the time to celebrate with us.

Everyone involved worked so hard to make the day a fabulous success and create such a beautiful, friendly atmosphere as usual. It is my most favourite day in the Sun Valley calendar. 
Despite the weather starting off very grim the rain managed to hold off to a very slight drizzle allowing the day to carry in without too much distruption. 
As usual everyone was so generous with their gifts for the dogs and now the the goodie cupboard is well and truly stocked.

🎁🎁The afternoon managed to raise an amazing.............. £5,136.60🎁🎁

Thank you to everyone who came along to support the day and spent/gave money so generously. You all make such a difference. 
We are really very lucky. The Sun Valley family is just the best.

I truly hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas and hope to see you all in the new year. Jane x

Hillside Kennels Exposed on Sky News

November 18, 2018

Sky News have picked up our exposure of Hillside Racing kennels after we purchased the property on October 31st and found conditions inside to be absolutely appalling. Please read the article and share with friends and family.


Thankyou to Sanya Burgess and Sky News for sharing our story and covering the exposure of Hillside kennels conditions, as well as featuring it as a top story on your website. 

Help us turn this hound hellhole into a hound haven by donating here

Important News Announcement - Purchase of Hillside Kennels

October 31, 2018

Our biggest infrastructure project since moving into Sun Valley Kennels in 1993 began on Halloween, when we bought the adjacent commercial racing kennels.

Sadly up to 80 greyhounds were living in this squalor just four days before the purchase - when they moved to another training kennels.  We will be asking the GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) when Hillside was last inspected & had its licence renewed.  Surely this proves that the racing industry does not put greyhound welfare at the heart of everything they do?

We will need your help to turn this Hound Hellhole into a Hound Haven.

Press enquiries to

Congratulations - Fortnum and Mason Beauty Advent Calendar has been won

October 11, 2018


Thank you to everyone who entered and raised valuable funds for us.  Hound furmum of two Emma was the lucky winner

We have a beauty for you this year. We have managed to get our hands on a Fortnum & Mason Beauty Advent Calendar! Only 400 of these calendars have been made and all are now sold out!

Enter the raffle for your chance to win this luxurious prize worth £195.

Raffle tickets are £5 each.
​Your name will be put in a draw and winners name will be pulled randomly.
The calendar will be couriered to the winner in plenty of time for the 1st of December.

Cranleigh Sale a great success, despite reschedule

October 02, 2018

An enormous THANKYOU to all who attended and volunteered at our annual Cranleigh Sale and Greyhound Parade! When we had to reschedule at the last minute due to horrid weather and safety concerns, we were all worried the day would be a disaster, especially heartbreaking after so much hard work had been put in...well we need not have worried!!

The sun was shining for us, the atmosphere was wonderful as usual and we loved seeing so many new and familiar faces! Our new game of Sausage Snorkelling for hounds went down a treat, and everyones hard work really paid off. We raised an incredible £17,029.76 for the dogs!

Thankyou to everyone who came and supported us and spent their pennies. And the biggest thank you goes to everyone who made it possible for the sale to go ahead yet again this year. Such dedication and hard work. You really all are amazing. There are far too many people to name individually, but they know who they are.


September 12, 2018

Heartbroken does not even come close.

After a very short and sudden illness a little angel gained his wings tonight. 
Our darling Stanley passed away from cardiac arrest at 17.03 this evening, I was on the phone to the vets whilst they desperately tried to resuscitate him, but his little body had taken enough.
I’m so sorry Stanley we couldn’t save you. 
Run free now my baby you will suffer no more. 
I truly hope you cause so much havoc over that bridge. 
I, and everyone who new your name will love you forever, go play now little man, your friends are waiting. - Jane Thompson (Manager) 

To read all about Stanleys story please click here.

Second largest walk in the world!

June 11, 2018

WOW! What a fabulous day for CCGT hosting the Guildford GGGW 2018. We were so well supported as always. So lovely to see so many familiar faces and also some new friends join us for the first time. 
All the kennel dogs had a lovely day walking so thank you to all those who borrowed a dog. 
We are officially the 2nd biggest walk in the world coming in again to York who pipped us to the post for the 2nd year. We will regain the title again for largest walk!

Although it’s not about the biggest, but being the best and we sure smashed it with our walkers. Total hounds for today 189 (plus 14 others)

Ooh and to top it all we managed to raise a whopping £1488.40 for the hounds. 
Well done and thank you all xxx

A rather wet, but fabulous Spring Open Day

May 12, 2018

Thankyou to everyone who braved the rain today to come along to our Spring Kennel Open Day. It was so lovely to see many familiar faces, and meet new friends too.

Everyone worked so hard to make the day a success. From baking cakes, making dog biscuits, moving tables, chairs and marquees around. Making tea, manning the BBQ, cafe and bar. The ladies of the shed. The volunteer recruiters. So many people helping and mucking in working so hard for the dogs.

Thanks to everyones generosity our stock room is now stuffed full of goodies which we know the dogs will enjoy! We are also thrilled to announce that despite the grim weather, we managed to raise a whopping £3027!!!

Artist Sara Abbott has raised £400 for us so far

March 13, 2018

Immortalise your dog in a beautiful oil portrait by Sara Abbott and raise £100 for us


Acclaimed artist, Sara Abbott is working with us to raise funds though her stunning animal portraiture.  From each commissioned portrait Abbott donates £100 of her fee to animals in rescue. Mention ‘Celia Cross’ when you place an order with her so we receive this donation. She has raised a wonderful £400 for us so far.  


Jerry was adopted from us by Ann and Ken and this morning his portrait was delivered and I'm sure you'll agree it's as gorgeous as Jerry himself.  If ever you've thought of a portrait do get in touch with Sara direct and please mention 'Celia Cross' so we can continue to receive her donations.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 2018

February 19, 2018

On 25 May 2018 most processing of personal data by organisations will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We have never shared donor, volunteer or adopter data with third parties or contacted anyone without their consent. However we are currently reviewing and updating if required, how we collect, store and use personal data in order to ensure we will abide by the new regulations.  Then we will document this in our new GDPR policy which we will publish here on our website along with any revised forms in due course.

LMD Grab & Skip Hire settle insurance claim for destruction of our fences

February 10, 2018

Seventy two days after destroying our fence and leaving the scene without notifying us, LMD Grab & Skip Hire made an admission of liability to their insurers Allianz on Tuesday 6 February. Only now can a payment of £1277 be raised which we will received by 13 February. 

What happened?

LMD Grab & Skip Hire Ltd lorry skidded on its way to collect a skip from our neighbours on Monday 27 November 2017. They destroyed 132 feet of fence and 12 fence posts but failed to notify us that they had damaged our property.


Luckily only one dog escaped, however we have had to divert time and money away from our dogs to deal with LMD Grab & Skip Hire who

  • Damaged our property & didn’t tell us or apologise

  • Promised to repair the damage and didn’t

  • Promised to pay when we repaired the damage & didn’t

  • Provided incorrect insurance details

  • Only notified their broker after 44 days and failed to follow up

  • Ignored 3 attempts by their insurers to contact them to sort out the claim

  • Only admitted liability after we made the incident public

Win a Dolly Dawg!

October 17, 2017

Win your very own christmas edition Dolly Dawg in the special CCGT fundraiser!

Every home should have a handkitted 'Dawg' created lovingly by Dolly Dawgs. Worth £22 each, they are a fantastic christmas present for any hound lover. This special edition Santa Dawg is 16"5 inches tall, comes with removable hat and scarf and is woven with sparkling yarn which catches the light beautifully!


If you want to get your hands on this one of a kind Santa Dawg please enter the raffle by midnight 30th October. Tickets are £1 each, and all funds raised will benefit our kennel dogs. Simply send the donation to on Paypal using the friends and family option. You will be given a raffle number and the winner will be picked at 8pm (GMT) on 31st October.


For full information about this fantastic raffle please click here!

Thank you for your support

October 08, 2017

Yet again our Cranleigh Sale turned out to be a fabulous day! Thankyou to everyone who helped muck in and make the day a brilliant success. Everyone worked so hard and dedicated so much time to help our hounds and create a fantastic day for all. Thankyou to everyone who attended and enjoyed the show, the money you spent will help us rescue, care for and rehome many more dogs who deserve a family of there own. 

The grand total raised at Cranleigh this year is a spectacular £18, 210.63!!

Next year the show will be held on the 23rd September, so put the date in your diary, you don't want to miss it!!

Sara Abbott Contemporary Oil on Canvas Fundraiser

June 21, 2017

We are delighted to announce that acclaimed artist, Sara Abbott, will be working with us to raise funds though her stunning animal portraiture.
Sara Abbott was recently commission to create a portrait in oil on canvas of our rescued girl Ruby by her new family, and after hearing her story she has offered to extend her fund raising to us at Celia Cross.
From each commissioned portrait Abbott donates £100 of her fee to animals in rescue and from here on, if you place an order with her and mention ‘Ruby’ we will receive this donation.

Abbott has been a professional artist for almost twenty years, she was artists in residence at Harrods for two years and creates work for the Kennel Club regularly, so comes highly recommended!

If you’ve been thinking of a portrait as a gift for a loved one, or as a family heirloom then please get in touch with her direct via her website or social media and don’t forget to mention ‘RUBY’:

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